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Interview with Penguin
Posted by Tiff (#1) on 4 April 2012, 6:19 PM EDT in Webmaster Interviews
Note: Vibrai is a discontinued Pokemon fansite. It is no longer available on the internet.

On December 1, 2009 7:23 PM, I decided to interview Penguin/Taylor, owner of the interactive Pokemon fansite, Vibrai. As you read this interview, you may guess that Taylor is also a personal friend of myself, Shadow Files.

The Interview

Tiffany: Hey, guys. Today I will be interviewing Penguin/Taylor, owner of Vibrai.
Starting off... Taylor, do you believe in formalities?

Taylor: What??? xD

Tiffany: Well, I'll take that as a no. So then, Tay... LET'S PARTAY!
Tiffany: No really. Why did you choose to name your site Vibrai? It's a very unique name for a fansite!

Taylor: Vibrai? Ehh I don't think so. xD It was kind of a random name that came from Vibrava, I don't know how I came up with it

Tiffany: Ahh, do people ever mistake Vibrava as the mascot/theme of your site?

Taylor: Not really, no :P Nobody ever mentions Vibrava actually

Tiffany: Interesting. I also understand that once upon a time, you started an advertising campaign by putting Pokemon nicknamed "" on Wi-Fi.
How did this go?

Taylor: I don't know honestly. xD It was just a random and creative idea I had in mind I guess. I'd name Tentacruel "Vibrai.c" since that was the limit for the nickname amount of characters (if I recall), and hoped people would understand.

Tiffany: I see. Do you usually do a lot of Wi-Fi trading?

Taylor: Back in the day, yes. I rarely play Pokemon now though. :(

Tiffany: I see. Do you usually cycle in and out of playing Pokemon alot?

Taylor: I guess you'd call them "major cycles" because they're so long. I'll get into Pokemon again whenever a new game comes out. After awhile, I get bored. So in Spring when HG/SS come out, I'm gonna be real excited ;D

Tiffany: And I imagine Vibrai might see a sudden burst of activity too then, also! Otherwise though, how did you end up first making a Pokemon fansite?

Taylor: Oh jeez, you're making me think about way back you NOOB D: , like in 2005 maybe I started a website via Freewebs. Thought it was awesome. And then it progressed from there. I guess I got really motivated.

Tiffany: But did you get inspired to make a Pokemon fansite from anywhere?

Taylor: Well, after seeing a few n00b and amazing websites, I was like "Hey, I wanna do this!"

Tiffany: And you just kept on learning and never stopped? Cool!
Tiffany: Do you have any plans for the future of Vibrai at this very moment?

Taylor: I don't know, the best thing to say right now would be "Time will tell" :)

Tiffany: I see. What kind of general advice would you give to someone else starting up a Pokemon site?

Taylor: Start little, and take baby steps. And when you make mistakes, you'll learn from them- I guess you can't really apply that to a website but still xD

Tiffany: Well, that works. Anyways, what's your favorite animal?

Taylor: OH god, you should know this one! PENGUIN!

Tiffany: And what's your favorite Penguin? ;D

Taylor: Silly you, all! <3

Tiffany: Well, I should have guessed! Nice interviewing you, Taylor. Best wishes to the future of Vibrais and the world domination of penguins.

Taylor: Love ya too HAYTIFF
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