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Interview with Butterfree
Posted by Tiff (#1) on 4 April 2012, 5:56 PM EDT in Webmaster Interviews
The Cave of Dragonflies (TCoD) is one of the longest-running Pokemon fansites out there. The site is home to many unique features such as conspiracy theories, a Pokemon zodiac, a humorous "Babelfished" section, and "Almighty Random Polls."

At 4:48 PM EST on November 1, 2009, I decided to interview TCoD's respectable webmistress, Butterfree, on behalf of PokeDS. In this log of the interview, I am Tiffany, and Butterfree is the webmistress of TCoD.

The Interview

First off, how much time do you think you've spent working on TCoD in total?

Butterfree: Oh, dear, this question.
It's not like I have a timer going every time I do something for the site, and over a period of seven years, it's impossible to make a guess that could be considered even remotely educated.

I see. A fair answer. So, overall, would you consider your schedule of working on the site rather sporadic?

Butterfree: Very.

Butterfree: It's all done on an in-the-mood basis.
Sometimes I feel like spending all my free time working on the site for a week; sometimes I don't feel like touching it for a week.

I'm sure lots of other website owners are like that, too! But, has there ever been a point where you felt like abandoning TCoD altogether?

Butterfree: Nope. Never. I don't really abandon stuff.

Tiffany: Has there ever been an occasion where you prioritized working on TCoD over other things in life(ie: school project, parties)?

Butterfree: It's not quite a prioritization thing; it's not that I specifically feel it's more important than whatever I ought to be doing. But I do sometimes just feel more like working on the site than doing school projects or whatever. I'm not a very organized or prioritized person.

I see. Do most of your real life friends know you run a Pokemon fansite?

Butterfree: Mostly, yes.

I'm not sure about some acquaintances I don't know especially well.
It doesn't really come up in conversation much. :P

How often do you usually think about TCoD during daily life?

Butterfree: It depends; when I'm working on something interesting, I might think about it while bored (e.g. waiting for the bus), but other times I'm not really working on anything for the site or whatever I'm working on can't really be worked on unless I'm actually at the computer, or I'm just preoccupied with something else.

Tiffany: Ahh, so how big of a part of your life would you consider TCoD overall?

Butterfree: Mmm, it's very important to me as a hobby and creative outlet, but when you say "how big" I think in terms of how much time I spend on it, and that tends to be kind of on and off. I'd like to do more stuff for it, because I have so many ideas and things I want to do, but ultimately I keep getting distracted by other stuff I want to do.

Tiffany: So many things to do and so little time! On the topic of ideas... What do you think has been your most unexpected source of inspiration for content in TCoD?

Butterfree: Oh, that's a good one. Let's see... possibly Richard Dawkins' books on evolution, which inspired me to write the Pokémon gender ratios and genetics article.

Butterfree: Although it was also quite unexpected inspiration when I realized that (in the time of R/S) there were exactly 365 non-legendary Pokémon and it would be great for making some sort of a Pokémon calendar out of.

Tiffany: I see. Those are both aspects of TCoD that make the site stand out from others! As a webmistress, what do you think has most widely contributed to the success of TCoD as a fansite?

Butterfree: In terms of site content or just in general?

Tiffany: In general.

Butterfree: Well, largely I'd say it's just that it's been around for so long. There really aren't a lot of seven-year-old Pokémon sites still around and active, and in that long of a time period, word is bound to spread.

Butterfree: There is also content like the What Pokémon Are You?, which a lot of people seem to find the site through originally.

Butterfree: And the evolution list (you wouldn't really think it, but a lot of people Google for the level at which a certain Pokémon evolves, and a lot of them seem to find my list).

Oh yeah, I remember I used to offer Photoshop rock brushes on former SotD and got like half my visitors that way. Pretty surprising what can get visitors.
Anyways, a bit of change of pace.. How do you feel about being asked so many questions about your site?

Butterfree: It's pretty fun. Questions always challenge you to think about things you haven't necessarily thought much about before, and I enjoy trying to come up with a good answer for them. And your questions have been quite fun, compared to the average questions I get. :P

Tiffany: Ahh, I see. Glad to know you've enjoyed this interview. I think I'll wrap this up with one last question. If someone randomly sent you a pet elephant one day, how would you react?

Butterfree: o.O I'd be puzzled. And try to figure out just who sent it and why.

Tiffany: I suppose I would be, too! XD Well, I've greatly enjoyed this interview. Thank you very much for your time. :)

Butterfree: Thanks to you too. :)
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