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Posted by Tiff (#1) on 29 June 2012, 3:57 AM EDT in Programming Guides
Note: This guide is targeted primarily towards people who have limited or no prior programming experience. One of the most popular scripting languages on the web, PHP is easy to learn and conveniently integrated into HTML web pages. It's powerful but flexible and thus can be used to create anything from short simple scripts to complete web frameworks or content management systems. Some examples of reasons you'd want to learn PHP might include: You want to create a site with interactive user ... Read More
Posted by Tiff (#1) on 25 June 2012, 9:54 PM EDT in Website Resources
In general, if you want to change colors of things such as text or backgrounds or borders or whatever using HTML, you use hex colors codes. Since oftentimes trying to find or think up the right hex code for the color you want is pretty inconvenient, we've added a hex code selector here on PokeDS for you to use. Hex Color Selector $(document).ready(function(){ $('#colorPicker').jPicker({}, function(color){ var all = color.val('all'); var hex = all.hex; var htm... Read More
Posted by Tiff (#1) on 13 May 2012, 1:07 PM EDT in Programming Guides
In general, the functioning of a website can be divided into client side and server side operations. When you program and code a website, it's important to understand the difference between server side and client side operations because it'll allow you to make smarter decisions about the way you code your website. Server Side Languages Examples: PHP, ASP, CGI, Ruby on Rails Simply put server side languages are those which are processed by the server rather than the browser. For you as a ... Read More
Posted by Xavier (#4) on 21 April 2012, 11:48 PM EDT in Website Resources
Free Layouts Below are some free layouts, courtesy of PokeDS. However, there are important terms of use that you must oblige to when using these layouts. Terms of Use Do not remove credits Do not state that you have created the layouts provided. Do not alter the layout unless you know what you're doing! If you mess it up, we will not help you fix it! Do not use our layouts as templates for other layouts! Use a template! If you have any questions, contact an administrator. Layouts Gold... Read More
Posted by Tiff (#1) on 6 April 2012, 9:39 PM EDT in Uncategorized
Note: The advice in my guide is based largely on my own experiences and doesn't reflect any sort of iron rules about picking a good web host! If you want to be certain about your decisions, you can always do your own research separately. If you're looking to start a website, you're going to need hosting of some sort, so your site can appear on the internet for other people to see. Luckily, there are all sorts of website hosts out there on the internet, including a variety of free ones an... Read More
Posted by Tiff (#1) on 4 April 2012, 6:19 PM EDT in Webmaster Interviews
Interview with Penguin Note: Vibrai is a discontinued Pokemon fansite. It is no longer available on the internet. On December 1, 2009 7:23 PM, I decided to interview Penguin/Taylor, owner of the interactive Pokemon fansite, Vibrai. As you read this interview, you may guess that Taylor is also a personal friend of myself, Shadow Files. The Interview Tiffany: Hey, guys. Today I will be interviewing Penguin/Taylor, owner of Vibrai. Starting off... Taylor, do you believe in formalities? Taylor: Wha... Read More
Posted by Tiff (#1) on 4 April 2012, 5:56 PM EDT in Webmaster Interviews
Interview with Butterfree The Cave of Dragonflies (TCoD) is one of the longest-running Pokemon fansites out there. The site is home to many unique features such as conspiracy theories, a Pokemon zodiac, a humorous "Babelfished" section, and "Almighty Random Polls." At 4:48 PM EST on November 1, 2009, I decided to interview TCoD's respectable webmistress, Butterfree, on behalf of PokeDS. In this log of the interview, I am Tiffany, and Butterfree is the webmistress of TCoD. The Interview Tiffany: First ... Read More
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