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Tiff (#1)
Tiff (#1)
About I'm Tiff, known in many places around the webs as shadowfiles!

I have lots of hobbies and try to put as many of them to work as I can on PokeDS!
Skype winterfroststorm
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Tiff (#1) wrote Aywas in News
AywasHey PokeDS! I guess I haven't been active here much anymore. I just wanted to let you know that I've been working as a programmer on the virtual pet site, Aywas. Aywas is a very cool and unique site with great art. It has a lot of traditional virtual pet features which are reminiscent of sites like Neopets such as daily events you can do for money or Flash games, but it also has a much greater emphasis on collecting pets, and one of the most popular features on the site is the ability for us... Read More
June 14, 2014
Paper Babby (#53)
June 6, 2014
Thunderclaw- (#761)
(RE) Woah, out of 780? XD
May 30, 2014
Thunderclaw- (#761)
Just a random question: What is the most people who have ever been on at once?
May 29, 2014
HelloDelcatty (#762)
29 pages...woah. Also, you're a female? Hmm, I guess I'm sorry for guessing your gender through your icon? XD Anywais, uh, hai. Wazzup? I dun even know wat to do...I'm currently contemplating playing Black 2 and trying to figure out how to get images on mah siggy o3o
May 29, 2014
skylucario (#763)
Yoyoyo! .D.
May 29, 2014
Skits (#712)
Were you the one that joined my new adopts site?
May 28, 2014
Zoruas (#718)
trying to get it done but my internet is pretty crap so I might not upload it .-.
May 12, 2014
Zoruas (#718)
yeah I guess he is XD I'll get on it
May 12, 2014
Ryuzaki-Deenee (#10)
same, been so caught in school work and actual work and everything ahhh
May 11, 2014
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