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Tiff (#1)
About I'm Tiff, known in many places around the webs as shadowfiles!

I have lots of hobbies and try to put as many of them to work as I can on PokeDS!
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Tue, 18 Mar 2014 19:33:41 -0400
Tiff (#1)
Today, I found a few old websites I made for various school projects:

It's weird to look back on them and think about how I've changed.
Wed, 30 Jan 2013 16:04:43 -0500
Tiff (#1)
There's just something about looking out the window from the top floor of the library on a rainy day and seeing all the colorful umbrellas and rain boots walking by. Just something about umbrellas, man. Just something about strangers walking by, man.

And that one guy running through the rain in an orange sweater and khakis, I do hope you didn't get too wet. And that one girl with the matching azure raincoat and boots, I like your taste in colors. And that one cloud in the sky that doesn't really resemble anything I can think of, you are an inspiration to me always.

Looking down and people watching on a rainy day like a Tiff.
Thu, 17 Jan 2013 11:25:27 -0500
Tiff (#1)
Sometimes when it's early in the morning, and I didn't sleep all that much last night, I really don't feel like waking up.

But then I remember that waking up is the worst part of the day, and if I only get through that. I'll be good and life will be wonderful again.
Mon, 05 Nov 2012 21:42:05 -0500
Tiff (#1)
I guess college is supposed to be a time when a lot of people try out new things and figure out things about themselves and what they want to do with their life. I don't know how much I'll end up changing in college and what I'll ultimately end up doing with my life, but I do want to make a list of my core values that I will try to live by:
  1. I will not expect anything from others. Any kind act or gesture done by others unto me, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is a gift and should be appreciated as such.
  2. I will not look down upon any person. Every person in this world has their own unique struggles and stories that I can never know the true depth of.
  3. I will strive to be diligent and to take my work very seriously but to also laugh at myself and forgive my own shortcomings as I would forgive the shortcomings of others.
  4. I will take responsibility for my own happiness and refuse to blame any other people or outside forces for the discontents in my life.

I immortalize these virtues to myself here on PokeDS and promise that no matter where I go in the end, if I can leave life saying that I lived by these standards, I will be happy.
Mon, 05 Nov 2012 11:59:26 -0500
Tiff (#1)
I've 15 minutes or so before my EAS test, and I've studied all I could study, and there's not much more I can do at this point to help, so I figured I'd write really quick thing on life and whatever in general.

I've had a bit of an odd life, a life that I think I would certainly call a bit offbeat more than I would call a struggle or whatever. All things considered, I've had a pretty easy life though I've had a few setbacks here and there.

There've been times in the past I remember when I thought of myself as a loner with no friends. To this day, I still don't really have a best friend or even a set group of friends, but I've connected with all kinds of people over the years and, quite honestly, most of them were awesome people who I'm honored to have had the chance to meet. I've met people who had their lives on track and chased their passions. I've met people who've had harder lives than me and have experienced so much more than I could ever imagine while still working towards their dreams and remaining resilient. I've met people who respected others and saw the good in everyone. I've met people who were a little socially awkward like I frequently am but very, very talented. I've met people who were a little disillusioned with the state of their life, not for an fault of their own but for the fault of life itself for being so damn confusing. I've met people far smarter and far more talented than I'd think I'd ever be, and I've had the honor of asking for their advice in those areas which their experience surpasses my own. I've met people who were sociable and friendly and down to earth and permeated with a love for life. I've met people who were charming and charismatic and took the room away with their fast wits and bold demeanor. I've met people who hid away a bit socially, found it hard to talk to others, but resonated with great talents and insight that told of their inner strength.

Some of the people I've met, I only knew in passing. Some I talked to for hours into the late nights. I've had the joy of sharing my own experiences with the ears of people who cared, and I've had the pleasure of listening to them share themselves with me. I may not be the sort of person still who has a lot of friends, an my friendships may be constantly changing as I meet new people and find life's veering paths whisk me away from the world of my old friendships. But I remember everyone in my life who I've ever connected with, and in all of them, I find something to admire. I don't know if I'll ever stop missing all of the old friends I've made in my time, but I am honored to carry them in my memories, and I'm grateful for all the people who've ever been a part of my life.
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