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Tiff (#1)
Tiff (#1)
About I'm Tiff, known in many places around the webs as shadowfiles!

I have lots of hobbies and try to put as many of them to work as I can on PokeDS!
Skype winterfroststorm
Administrator Tiff Zhang Joined: 20 September 2011
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Tiff (#1) wrote Saylua in News
Saylua Hello, PokeDS! It's been a long time since I've posted anything here. I wanted to apologize for the fact that I haven't been doing a great job of maintaining this site. Unfortunately, I'm busy with a lot of other projects these days, so PokeDS has become a bit of a relic of a past life for me. If anyone who has knowledge of MySQL and PHP would be interested in taking control over the site, I would be happy to hand over administration of the site to someone else. Anyways, I wanted to let ... Read More
April 23, 2017
Sir Eragonmerlin (#9)
Remembers hat day when everyone changed their usernames and nobody knew who the other people were
March 31, 2016
Sir Eragonmerlin (#9)
We had some gd times
March 31, 2016
Sir Eragonmerlin (#9)
remember when u made ur icon that old man
March 31, 2016
Paper Babby (#53)
Yeee duuu! How you doin?
March 20, 2016
Paper Babby (#53)
It goes puuurdy good, but my leg is a bit fuffed up ╰༼ •̀۝•́ ༽╯
March 18, 2016
March 15, 2016
Tiff (#1) wrote A Pichu Story! in News
A Pichu Story! Hey PokeDS! I've been busy these days and don't seem to keep up with Pokemon much more. Apparently Sun and Moon are announced? Exciting! I drew a random comic about some Pichus the other day. You can read it here. Anyways, I know the spam and lag on this site has gotten kind of insane lately! I went ahead and deleted a bunch of the spam accounts and will try to add a better CAPTCHA soon. I hope you guys are all doing well! Until later, Tiff... Read More
March 1, 2016
Tiff (#1) wrote Switched web hosts in News
Hey PokeDS! I'm just letting you guys know that I moved web hosts for the site recently. Everything seemed to have gone fine so far but let me know if you encounter any problems! If you're an old member who's still logged in, I think there might be a bug with cookies as a result of the change. If you logout then login, the site should get fixed. Have a great day and enjoy browsing the site! I cleaned up lots of the spam on the forums, but there still might be some. So continue to be ... Read More
October 22, 2015
duИgƎØИz (#47)
Didn't see your post until today.... Wow....
September 27, 2015
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