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About I'm a Skitty. That's all. :P
And, the name there isn't my real name, it's just a close representation.
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Sat, 10 May 2014 11:32:58 -0400
Skits (#712)
I also do Nuzlockes. :P
Well, I DO have an ongoing Black Nuzlocke, and I've basically lucked out on it so far. I still have my starter (a Samurott now) AND my Route 1 catch (a Stouland now) and I've got 7 badges, the 8th one is near. I'm a bit worried about the 8th one, since I don't have any Dragon counters. Yes, my Vanillite died. Her name had a Vanilla and Chocolate Chip flavored ice cream mix, VanilaChip. She died to a Mienfoo's Jump Kick, which I hoped would miss. But, it didn't. And, my most epic Pokémon? Not the starter, not the Route 1 catch, but the Wellspring Cave catch. Yes, a Swoobat, which I caught as a Woobat. A male one to be exact. I know you might not like the Woobat line, but I do thanks to my Swoobat in the nuzlocke. His name is Stampy. He has had some close-to-death moments, but he's survived them all with just a tiny bit of HP left. He used to be not like this, but after his first loved one, Spots the female Blitzle, made a departure, he swore that he would fight on. And, he's doing it. And, Spots died a critical hit Quick Attack form N's Pidove. And, currently, I have 7 badges and 5 deaths. I might go over more later, so stay tuned!
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