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Wed, 12 Feb 2014 05:07:05 -0500
rehler (#3)
Hi everyone, just popping in. So I was going through the site and I realized that PokeDS should really try to get into the modern era. While it's a huge undertaking, I think that getting everything updated through the X/Y Generation would be a good step for the site. If there are any community volunteers to help with the project, I'm sure that'd do wonders to help out Tiff and the rest of the staff.

Also, I wanted to let you know I have taken up the task again of writing about Pokemon Mysteries (finally...). I have a really good one on the way which I won't spoil but if you guys want to see them, please bug me to write them otherwise I may lose motivation.

Hope everything is going great for you guys, let me know what you'd like to see for the site!

Sat, 01 Sep 2012 12:40:34 -0400
rehler (#3)
To help keep track of results, please post match results on this thread. A screenshot should suffice for verification otherwise both people need to confirm the results on this thread. Best of luck!
rehler (#3)
So in case you haven't heard the news, the PokeDS Battling Community is hosting PokeDS's first official online battling tournament. The event will take place September 1st and will standard Smogon OU. Everyone is welcome to sign up regardless of experience. I recommend checking out Lohrak's guides to help gain an edge on the competition.

If you want to be apart of the fun please reply in the thread below. If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to let us know.


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Mon, 09 Apr 2012 23:14:43 -0400
rehler (#3)
What's everyone's favorite Pokemon Webcomic out there? It would be cool if we could possibly get a list of sites together that have comics about Pokemon and give them some love on this site. My personal favorite is WIS ( The site isn't solely Pokemon comics but when they do feature Pokemon, it's usually a gem.

Here's the latest Pokemon webcomic from WIS:
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