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About I still can't believe wing beat me for the #2 user slot...
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rehler (#3) started Pokemon Webcomics in The Pokemon World
What's everyone's favorite Pokemon Webcomic out there? It would be cool if we could possibly get a list of sites together that have comics about Pokemon and give them some love on this site. My personal favorite is WIS ( The site isn't solely Pokemon comics but when they do fea...
April 9, 2012
rehler (#3) wrote Mystery the First: Diglett in Pokemon Mysteries
Mystery the First: Diglett Mystery: What does Diglett look like underground? Status: Unconfirmed So I guess I should start with an introduction to what Pokemon Mysteries is all about. PokeDS is going to take the mysteries of the Pokemon world and attempt to explain them to the best of our abilities. This includes those questions that have kept you up all night, rumors you may have heard, myths you may have heard, etc. Our goal is to delve into the mysteries of the Pokemon series. Our first mystery ... Read More
April 4, 2012
rehler (#3) has joined PokeDS.
September 26, 2011
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