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rehler (#3)
This artwork is amazing! Keep it and I'll see if there's anything we can do to feature it :D
February 12, 2014
PowPokemon (#452)
Will not be drawing a pokemon on Sundays. Sorry.
January 19, 2014
January 18, 2014
PowPokemon (#452) made the blog post: I have a website! check it. ...
January 17, 2014
PowPokemon (#452) made the blog post: Quick Pondering Pokemon Update
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. School and stuff. Anyways, I just want to bring you this quick update to inform you which pokemon are taken in pondering pokemon clan. We got 1 new member that reserved caterpie so we're waiting for him/her. 1. Charmander Family 2. bulbas...
January 15, 2014
PowPokemon (#452) made the blog post: Owned
So, the people who reserved Bulbasaur and Squirtle did not come yet therefore, Bulbasaur and Squirtle families are now reserved for when NerdyHarold(Bulbasaur) and FreeClicks (Squirtle) get a profile picture of one of my drawings or mountain dews drawings or post the drawings in their signitures. ...
January 11, 2014
January 11, 2014
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