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About Hello! I'm Ronald and I like to watch Anime and play Pokemon. I own
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Tiff (#1)
:D How's it going?
October 29, 2016
lolitsronald (#36) started WTF?!? Look what I found! :O in Super Chat x4
Hey Tiff... I was browsing online for some inspiration and I came across this. Congrats. I have to admit, this site is designed amazingly. It is beautiful.
April 1, 2013
lolitsronald (#36) made the blog post: Oh My! I never been here in a while... :O
I've never been on Pokeds in a while... It's pretty sad that I haven't been coming here... I blame school... xD...
March 28, 2013
lolitsronald (#36) started I Am Never going to Gamestop Again... in Rants
I went to Gamestop to pick up my Adventure Time Collectors Edition yesterday. They didn't have any more copies of the game, even though I preordered it.... They sent me to another Gamestop, but that Gamestop didn't have the Collector's Edition. Called the original Gamestop and yelled at him. Went to...
November 21, 2012
lolitsronald (#36) started Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?! Collector' in Other Media
Oh my glob! I am a big fan of Adventure Time and now there is a collectors edition to the Adventure Time game for the 3DS and DS! Gamestop and Amazon claim that the collectors edition will contain: * Collectable SteelBook packaging with artwork of the Enchiridion - no printing on the outside o...
July 27, 2012
duИgƎØИz (#47)
i AM going to subscribe to you on youtube
July 23, 2012
Tiff (#1)
Hey Ronald! :D
May 28, 2012
lolitsronald (#36) made the blog post: Hello
I'm Ronald and I bought a Kindle Fire......
May 13, 2012
lolitsronald (#36) started RawR! in Just Got Under the Shadow (Newbies!)
Hello! I'm Ronald! Well I can't finish this because I have to go to bed since its 4am... :P Night... But since I'm typing quickly and I feel the rush, I like Pokemon (Swalots and Jigglypuffs) and Anime (like Sket Dance, Pokemon, Nichijou, etc)... Also if Tiff reads this... HI TIFF HOW ARE YOU ...
May 13, 2012
lolitsronald (#36) has joined PokeDS.
May 13, 2012
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