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News and Updates
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 2 September 2012, 12:28 AM EDT
After a successful first day, the tournament has managed to complete the first round!

Unfortunately some people had a several urgencies to attend to and could not continue, but luckily we had some substitute battlers.

The brackets are updated to reflect current matchups. Some Round 2 matches have been completed due to absences and timezone differences, but we still have many to get through today.

Just so you're aware, those who did not show up gained a loss, since we cannot allow it to obstruct the progression. Hopefully you can make it for the second round. Don't miss out!
Posted by rehler (#3) on 1 September 2012, 12:46 PM EDT
The PokeDS tournament is officially under way. Already we've had a lot of exciting battles, with many more to continue. To make things easier on Lohrak, a thread in the forums (here) has been created to record results. Please post results the forum and include a screenshot if at all possible. Best of luck to everyone, may the best battler win!

Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 29 August 2012, 11:10 PM EDT

If you've paid enough attention during the past month, you probably heard about the upcoming tournament for PokeDS. Well, today was the last day, and we hit a perfect number of 32 entrants, so signups are closed.

Brackets are already out, and viewable a few days before we start. Even if you didn't join the tournament, you might not want to miss out on these epic battles! The server we will be using is this one.

The simulator is Pokemon Showdown, which is really useful for those of you wanting to try a simulator but do not want to download anything, since it's browser-based!

Anyway, be sure to check it out, more news will be coming soon for this first tourney!
Posted by Xavier (#4) on 13 August 2012, 10:47 PM EDT
Hello all. Just popping in to announce the unveiling of a new layout I designed, called Dragon Pulse. (It was originally going to be titled "Dragon Rush" but it seems that Haxorus, the Pokemon whose color scheme inspired this layout doesn't even learn Dragon Rush) It's a purple and yellowish-green layout with lots of sleek rounded corners. Yay border-radius!

It's a bit bright, in my opinion, so if you'd like me to tone down the colors a bit please don't hesitate to say something. Otherwise, enjoy Dragon Pulse!
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