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Posted by Tiff (#1) on 14 June 2014, 11:27 AM EDT in Uncategorized
Hey PokeDS! I guess I haven't been active here much anymore. I just wanted to let you know that I've been working as a programmer on the virtual pet site, Aywas.

Aywas is a very cool and unique site with great art. It has a lot of traditional virtual pet features which are reminiscent of sites like Neopets such as daily events you can do for money or Flash games, but it also has a much greater emphasis on collecting pets, and one of the most popular features on the site is the ability for users to use art to completely customize the appearance of their pets!

Anyways, I'll still be around PokeDS sometimes, but I'm a little more active on Aywas. Feel free to come by and join me there if you want. It's a pretty cool site, and I'm user #9437 there. ;)

Posted by rehler (#3) on 11 October 2013, 3:40 PM EDT in Uncategorized
First off: POKEMON X & Y ARE RELEASED IN THE USA TODAY! I for one am pumped to go to the midnight release (minus the fact I don't have a 3DS...).

Second off: NEW CHAPTER of LOtE. Enjoy :)

LOtE chapter 4:
Posted by rehler (#3) on 21 September 2013, 12:50 AM EDT in Uncategorized
Hi again, we're back for Week 2 of Fanfiction Friday. I hope everyone enjoyed the last weeks intro as this week we're releasing the first chapter of Sparkleleaf's Legend of the Exile. You guys won't regret giving this a read.

I have received interest in posting more fanfictions. If you have one that you'd like me to feature on Fridays, feel free to message me or comment below. There are a few things I'd like for to be considered for each submission:

Fanfictions should be:
1) Pokemon based
2) Able to be released a chapter a week
3) No mature content (keep it PG-13 max)

I'm looking forward to getting some more submissions. If you have any questions don't hesitate to let me know.Any feedback you guys have would be awesome!

LotE Chapter 1:
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