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Mystery the First: Diglett
Posted by rehler (#3) on 4 April 2012, 3:41 PM EDT in Uncategorized

Mystery: What does Diglett look like underground?

Status: Unconfirmed

So I guess I should start with an introduction to what Pokemon Mysteries is all about. PokeDS is going to take the mysteries of the Pokemon world and attempt to explain them to the best of our abilities. This includes those questions that have kept you up all night, rumors you may have heard, myths you may have heard, etc. Our goal is to delve into the mysteries of the Pokemon series.

Our first mystery has to deal with Diglett, the mole Pokemon. Now Diglett is a cute little thing but all that can be seen of it is its head. It is shown to live buried to in the Earth, only sticking its head above ground. The problem with this is that nobody knows exactly how it looks above ground.

A possible major reason we never see Digletts above ground is because of their thick skin. According to Bulbapedia, if a Diglett is exposed to light, its thick skin will make its blood heat up, causing it to lose strength. This explains why it lives underground/dark places.

Now Diglett are not inclined to go above, that's fine and all but how are their bodies shaped? Diglett are .2 meters long which is equivalent to 8 inches. Now judging from the amount that sticks above ground, we can say that there is nothing if not very little of Diglett underneath the head. Unless, of course the Pokedex is lying, which would be a shame...

However, the anime saves the day. In the episode The Underground Round-Up, Poncho has a Diglett inside of his hat. It is not a very big hat so one can assume that the Pokedex is correct and Diglett are very small. I betcha that Poncho knows what a Diglett looks like...

Now looking at the weight of Diglett, which is 1.8 lbs, we could say that there is potentially room for something underneath. However, it would not be much at all, due to the fact that a majority of the weight would be the brain, thick skin, and of course: that humongous nose of Diglett's. If by chance it be that the upper portion of Diglett was light, it would still be reasonable to assume that there would be less than 1.2 pounds of Diglett underneath, which isn't a lot.

Now, we at PokeDS are not the first to think of this issue. It has been mentioned in a game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue and Blue Rescue Team. It has been confirmed that Diglett do have feet, though what they look like are still a mystery.

An even bigger mystery that I will just touch on is what happens when a Diglett evolves into Dugtrio? With the evolution, would it be three Diglett fused together like Magnetmites into Magnetons or would they be three separate Digletts. If they are fused together, what happens to the the feet of the composing Diglett. If they are three Diglett, how is that really a unique Pokemon? Ah, how I digress...

So Diglett remains a mystery. We can conclude that Digletts do not have much underground and have feet. However, this leaves us no mental image. This is where I ask you, visitors of PokeDS to step in. PokeDS will have a contest to see who can come up with the best full view of Diglett. Good luck to you all!

P.S. If anyone has a mystery that is bugging them, feel free to inbox me, rehler (user 3) with your thoughts. I'll try to do as many as I can.

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