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Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 14 June 2012, 9:38 AM EDT in Competitive Battling
Predictions, predictions... How can one person know every move you will make? Predicting is one of the most game-changing actions in battling. Catching your opponent's counter right as it switches in gives you a huge advantage in a match. But how do you do it? They're not going to make the same moves you would. So how will you know what to do? Watching Your Opponent Always keep track of what your opponent does. As a beginner, you don't want to start making mispredictions right off the bat. P... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 12 June 2012, 4:11 AM EDT in HeartGold/SoulSilver
Harvesting ApricornsApricorns are pretty neat little fruits. They have two functions for ingame: creating Poke Balls and making Aprijuice. Both of these are useful in their respective areas of gameplay. But Apricorns are only available once per day, one for each Apricorn tree. Just how do you collect them? Marking Their Locations The trees are found in many areas. You can find one just about anywhere in Johto and quite a few spots in Kanto. How will you remember them all? Well, there's this great function in H... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 11 June 2012, 1:50 AM EDT in Game Mechanics
Why do some Pokemon have different stats without any EVs, even if the base stat is the same? Well, that's because Pokemon have genes, too. But how are these represented? In the games, they are called Individual Values, or IVs for short. These numbers range from 0 to 31, for each stat. That makes it virtually impossible to legitimately obtain two Pokemon that have the exact same IVs in all stats (Unless you abuse the RNG). IVs do more than just determine stats though. They also determine what ... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 9 June 2012, 3:00 AM EDT in Competitive Battling
Guide to TeambuildingHow do competitive battlers do it? How is it that they make such great teams? Why can't I make teams like them? These are probably many questions you've asked yourself. Teambuilding appears to be very difficult, and for good reason. It is difficult. "Then how do some battlers have so many good teams?" Well, that's because they battle a lot. Anyway, this guide is here to get you started on teambuilding. Choosing Your First Member(s) The first step to actually making your team is ... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 7 June 2012, 10:44 AM EDT in Game Mechanics
EV TrainingOriginally written by a friend of mine who was unable to post this herself. The Basics When a pokemon is freshly caught or newly hatched, it has 0 EVs. It can max out at 510 EVs. Every 4 EVs give one point to a certain stat. Each stat can only have 255 EVs total. When you give a stat 255 EVs, however, you are wasting 3 EVs that don't make a point. The recommended maximum is 252. So say you have two stats. Attack and Speed. Attack: 252 EVs +Speed: 252 EVs 504 EVs total (6 remaining) ... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 7 June 2012, 4:29 AM EDT in Game Mechanics
Breeding Breeding is a feature added in Generation II that requires you to have a female and male Pokemon (or either gender and a Ditto), and put them in a daycare made for two Pokemon. If your Pokemon are in the same egg group and are of the opposite gender (or if one parent is a Ditto and the other is not Undiscovered), they would eventually make an egg. An egg obtained by breeding hatches into the species of the mother Pokemon and inherits any egg moves from the father before Gen VI. I... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 7 June 2012, 2:53 AM EDT in Competitive Battling
Analyzing the Opponent's TeamBack in Gen III and Gen IV, you would (usually) battle someone with neither of you knowing the other’s team beforehand. If you were trying to predict, you would A) have to remember what was common beforehand, and B) have to keep track of what Pokemon were already sent out. Due to this, many Wi-Fi battlers had a pen or pencil and some paper ready to write down what they found out about their opponent’s team. Now to the present, with Gen V, there’s this neat function called Team Preview.... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 6 June 2012, 11:00 PM EDT in Competitive Battling
Competitive Battling BasicsThis guide was created by a group effort from the PokeDS Battling Community on Facebook Now that you've conquered the Elite Four with your level 88 Charizard, you're feeling pretty good about yourself. You decide to battle this guy from Smogon. It's an easy game, right? Of course it is. You go in with your mighty Charizard, now level 89, and five other guys. The plan is to Blast Burn everything - OHKO, right? You lose in six turns. You then decide to go on Serebii and rant about h... Read More
Posted by Xavier (#4) on 29 April 2012, 3:02 PM EDT in HeartGold/SoulSilver
Gym Leaders [HGSS]Johto Gyms Table of Contents Johto Gyms Falkner of Violet City Bugsy of Azalea Town Whitney of Goldenrod City Morty of Ecruteak City Jasmine of Olivine City Chuck of Cianwood City Pryce of Mahogany Town Clair of Blackthorn City Kanto Gyms Brock of Pewter City Misty of Cerulean City Lt. Surge of Vermillion Town Erika of Celadon City Janine of Fuschia City Sabrina of Saffron City Blaine of Seafoam Islands Blue of Viridian City Falkner of Violet City Type: Flying Pri... Read More
Posted by Xavier (#4) on 8 April 2012, 5:42 PM EDT in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
Elite Four [RS]Sidney Type: Dark Prize: $4900 Suggested Pokemon: Machamp/Machoke, Hariyama, Ninetales Mightyena @ None Level 46 Ability: Intimidate - Crunch - Sand-attack - Take Down - Roar Cacturne @ None Level 46 Ability: Sand Veil - Faint Attack - Needle Arm - Cotton Spore - Leech Seed Shiftry @ None Level 48 Ability: Chlorophyll - Fake Out - Extrasensory - Double Team - Swagger Sharpedo @ None Level 48 Ability: Rough S... Read More
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