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Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 22 August 2012, 7:31 PM EDT in Competitive Battling
Guide to Volt-TurnThanks to Celery (#72) and CrazyWearsPJs (#64) for contributing Volt-Turn is an offensively oriented strategy that emphasizes holding offensive momentum in battle by constantly spamming the opponent with the moves Volt Switch and U-turn. Both of these moves enable you to switch to a new Pokemon after attacking, thus allowing you to bring in a Pokemon of your desire to threaten what your opponent has on the field. This, without doubt, puts a lot of pressure on your opponent... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 2 July 2012, 9:10 AM EDT in Competitive Battling
Tiers and MetagamesCreated by group effort of the PokeDS Battling Community The main metagames descend as follows (according to Smogon): UbersOUBLUUBL2RUNULC Alternatively, there are also VGCs, which are divided by year (each year has a new set of rules and new Pokemon or moves, generally). Ubers Ubers serves as a banlist for OU - Pokemon that are too powerful to be used competitively or make the competitive metagame of OU stale. Pokemon that exist in Ubers cannot be used in OU. Pokemon in Ubers g... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 2 July 2012, 8:29 AM EDT in Competitive Battling
Guide to Hyper Offense Originally written by ShootingStarmie (#73) Offense as a playstyle is easy to learn, but somewhat more difficult to master. Since offensive teams generally do not have the defensive abilities of balanced or stall teams, they rely much more on correctly anticipating the actions of the opponent and maintaining momentum and pressure. This means that offensive teams have a significantly lower margin of error than stall or balanced teams and thus players utilizing offensive teams must ma... Read More
Posted by Celery (#72) on 1 July 2012, 10:30 PM EDT in Competitive Battling
Guide to Teambuilding 2-Revision underway- While Hyouki covers a lot of the fundamentals of teambuilding, this is an extension to that guide mainly because I don't want to mess with his content too much and because I'm lazy, and a hypocrite for writing something this long. That said and done, let's get started. The Team "There is no 'I' in 'team'". That's certainly true, and to be quite frank, captain obvious. Nevertheless, still true. However, "me" can be spelled out using the letters given. A team should con... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 26 June 2012, 8:05 PM EDT in Competitive Battling
Moving from Gen V to Gen IVIf you've played Gen IV enough, you've probably gotten tired of all the weather and sky-high stats in OU. However, you probably started in Gen V. That said, you don't know how to adapt to changes between generations. If you try to play Gen IV right after Gen V, you'll find difficulty trying to use Gen V strategies. What's Different? There's many differences between each generation, so learning a different generation is like relearning Pokemon altogether. What exactly is different between IV ... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 14 June 2012, 9:38 AM EDT in Competitive Battling
Predictions, predictions... How can one person know every move you will make? Predicting is one of the most game-changing actions in battling. Catching your opponent's counter right as it switches in gives you a huge advantage in a match. But how do you do it? They're not going to make the same moves you would. So how will you know what to do? Watching Your Opponent Always keep track of what your opponent does. As a beginner, you don't want to start making mispredictions right off the bat. P... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 9 June 2012, 3:00 AM EDT in Competitive Battling
Guide to TeambuildingHow do competitive battlers do it? How is it that they make such great teams? Why can't I make teams like them? These are probably many questions you've asked yourself. Teambuilding appears to be very difficult, and for good reason. It is difficult. "Then how do some battlers have so many good teams?" Well, that's because they battle a lot. Anyway, this guide is here to get you started on teambuilding. Choosing Your First Member(s) The first step to actually making your team is ... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 7 June 2012, 2:53 AM EDT in Competitive Battling
Analyzing the Opponent's TeamBack in Gen III and Gen IV, you would (usually) battle someone with neither of you knowing the other’s team beforehand. If you were trying to predict, you would A) have to remember what was common beforehand, and B) have to keep track of what Pokemon were already sent out. Due to this, many Wi-Fi battlers had a pen or pencil and some paper ready to write down what they found out about their opponent’s team. Now to the present, with Gen V, there’s this neat function called Team Preview.... Read More
Posted by DiJordan (#15) on 6 June 2012, 11:00 PM EDT in Competitive Battling
Competitive Battling BasicsThis guide was created by a group effort from the PokeDS Battling Community on Facebook Now that you've conquered the Elite Four with your level 88 Charizard, you're feeling pretty good about yourself. You decide to battle this guy from Smogon. It's an easy game, right? Of course it is. You go in with your mighty Charizard, now level 89, and five other guys. The plan is to Blast Burn everything - OHKO, right? You lose in six turns. You then decide to go on Serebii and rant about h... Read More
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