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Did I know them? I suppose I did, but I only knew one of them. Her name was Kashma. I assumed she wasn't from here because that's not a typical Sinnohese name. Kashma. She had an accent, too, kind of thick and rough-sounding. Definitely not on...

Spirits Chapter One
by Xavier (#4)
Amanda's Great Pokemon Adventure!

"Suicune!" Suicune cried happily. "Sui, sui!" Amanda's Shiny Suicune was her most beloved Pokemon. She befriended Suicune as a baby when she was abandoned in a river. Amanda calls her Crystal. In fact, Crystal was...

Origin of Adventure
by ZombieGryphoness (#180)
Everyone: Oh Arceus no she's going to the PC to train. Crap.
Me: Whut.
Everone: Nothing. Nothing at all.
Me: -withdraws suicune- Imma train Suicune.
Suicune: Yesyesyes I'M FREEEEE
Everyone: o-o

A Random Story of my Trainerhood
by ZombieGryphoness (#180)
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