Spirits Chapter One


Did I know them? I suppose I did, but I only knew one of them. Her name was Kashma. I assumed she wasn't from here because that's not a typical Sinnohese name. Kashma. She had an accent, too, kind of thick and rough-sounding. Definitely not one I'd heard before. Maybe she was from the continent. She spoke the language fine though. I never met the other one. I always assumed she had died.

Joanna, 19

The winters have been relatively harsh on all of townspeople. The only road into town has been buried under about seventeen feet of snow and no one has been able to make it in through the bays either. The town is slowly starving, really, and it's been that way for a couple of winters now. The northern reaches have been designated a "game-free zone" but last winter, the high priest stated that it was okay to hunt in the wilds, due to starvation. The spirits must not be pleased with his decision, but I suppose he was in a very tough position, considering this recent turn of events. I only wonder if the situations has made the spirits angrier.

Charles, 32

I do not believe in spirits, phantoms and apparitions. The people of Snowpoint City have lived under the thumbs of the high priests and priestesses for nearly seven hundred years and I think it's delusional. I consider myself an Arceist, to be brutally honest, but I could never practice openly here. My house would surely be burned down.

The folk religion of this country is incredibly old and venerated. It is perhaps one of the longest surviving religions in the world and is practiced by a small group of people in one city. At one time, before colonization, folk religion was the way of the land. Hundred of years ago, Sinnoh was ruled by a high priestess who apparently was blessed with "the will of Regigigas." The first of the colonists were Arceists, sent to scrub the world clean of lesser religions. Toting their agendas, they established their own churches and towns in Southern Sinnoh. They attempted to fight their way towards the North, but apparently were stopped by the "spirits of the wilds," who sent storm after storm to deter the missionaries. Nonetheless, they eventually arrived but the natives, so deluded with their antiquated ideals, fought them in a series of wars the likes of which the region had never seen before. So great is the power of religion in this world.

Marlo, 43

Last year we were blessed with a new high priestess. Her name is Orla and she is very beautiful. Hopefully she will end the siege of the spirits and bring back the sun. I pray that Regigigas give her the strength to bring life back to this dying country.

Fanta, 48

I knew the Kolde sisters. They lived in the cottage on the far edge of town, closest to the woods. Quite ironic, considering that they were so secluded. Kashma and Rena were their names, I believe. I'm not actually sure if their last names were Kolde or not. It might have been something else. I just remember the name "Kolde," from somewhere, as if I'd seen it somewhere. Maybe on their mail one day? We do get the wrong mail, even up here in Snowpoint. You'd be surprised, even if there about three or four hundred people living in town.

They were relatively old, the Koldes. Kashma was the youngest, I believe, and she looked like she was about fifty or sixty. She had silver hair that she wore in a neat bun. It made her dark skin seem even darker, and made it seem like she was a floating body when she stood outside in her mink.

Have I talked to them? No, I can't say I have. They weren't talkers, really. They never came to the town events, never came to temple. Word went around that they were Arceists, but the high priest at the time dismissed those rumors, claiming that they were good people with good hearts. I don't think they're Arceists, mainly because the trisphere sign is still etched into their door.

Rikke, 21


I've seen the white Ninetales before. No one believed me and no is willing to believe me now. I know what I saw. It appeared in the woods, on the edge of my eye, as we were praying at the end of the service. It was cold and I couldn't sit still, so I opened my eyes to see if my feet were still there - they were so frozen I couldn't feel them and I got worried - and in the corner of my eye, wandering around in the pines, was this shiny, white Ninetales. I had never seen a Ninetales before, let alone one with a solid white coat. I told my mama but she didn't believe me and told me I was interrupting the prayer ceremony. When I got home, I looked up pictures of Ninetales and none of 'em were white! Even the shiny ones, the ones that they only have in the zoos because they're so rare you can't find 'em in public, wasn't white! I know what I saw! I know what I saw!

Zachary, 7


We called that phenomenon a "transcendence." Transcendence occurs when the spirits cross the line into the tangible world and are disfigured by the boundary. Often they appear as Pokémon bearing odd, uncharacteristic qualities. The last recorded transcendence was ninety years ago, though, and involved a terrible snowstorm in which many of the town's residents reported seeing a golden Articuno. The high priest at the time was baffled and determined it to be a sign from the spirit world that the end was nigh. Many of the townspeople were thrown into an uproar. Many fasted, almost to starvation, so that their lives would be spared. I personally do not believe that that particular situation was a transcendence, mainly because the validity of that high priest is questionable at best. If you have the time, I would research High Priest Caliban, in the archives. It is surely to be an interesting read.

In regards to young Zachary's allegation regarding the "white Ninetales," I have no inclination to take it seriously. I am running a religion, and cannot relegate myself to chasing after phantoms and amusing children. I cannot say with absolute certainty that it was not a spirit, for even I do not possess that ability, but I can say that it is perhaps one of one million things that I must attend to during this bitter and painful winter.

Orla, 55


The high priestess asked for help from Regigigas in protecting the town from the bitters of winter. We've already seen a thinning of the ice on the bay. Last night, we only got a light dusting of snow, too. But it was bitterly cold and many of the townsfolk could not make it to the prayer meeting at the temple. It was only Orla, her accolyte and a few of the older, more devout members of the town.

I pray every night to the king of the worlds that we are spared his fury. I wear my trisphere with pride and beg that Regice spare us retribution. But sometimes, I feel like the snow is muffling my prayers.

Brava, 33
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