Crappy Fanfiction Attempt #1

She sighed, clutching her bag in her hands. The world was so cold outside of her home. The winter air bit at her
legs, making her shiver. She stood on the porch of her house, tucked safely in the thick of the Petalburg Woods.

Her family has owned the house for generations. They grew corn in the backyard, and fussed about the animals that
destroyed their crop. She knew the house well. It was her only home. Now she had to leave. She had no choice.

The night sky was blanketed with stars but the forest was dark and empty. Eerie sounds filled the canopy and sent
shivers down her spine. She didn't want to go. She turned and saw her mother, collapsed in the living room,
sleeping and unaware of her daughter's decision. She stepped forward into the darkness.

It was daybreak when she was finally out. The sky was quiet and brisk and she headed towards Rustboro City. She
knew what she had to do. She had to complete the Gym Leader Challenge. She had to be victorious if she wanted to
pay for her ailing mother. She wanted a better life. She wanted to cure her.
So many times, she'd press her face against her mother's chest to stop the pain. So many times, she'd hold her
tight and never let go. She wanted all of the pain her mother felt to go away. She wanted all their problems to

Rustboro City sat in the distance behind a lake. She steadied her footsteps, trying to get there as quickly as
possible before--

"Hey you!" A Youngster called from besides her. She turned, sighing. "I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!"

"Don't you have anything better to do?" She snarled.

"Nope! It's Winter Break and I'm bored. Battle me now!"

"Fine," She sighed. She reached in her bag. She only had two Pokemon, one of which was injured going through the

forest. She picked the other and threw the red ball out onto the field. Kirlia appeared in a flash of red,

spinning around galiantly.

"A Kirlia, eh? That's no use against my Poochyena!" The youngster laughed. The black dog sat there, anxiously


"Poochyena, use Bite!"

"Kirlia, Double Team." The dog lunged at Kirlia, but just upon impact, the dancer disappeared into a blur of grey

copies, all of which spiraled around Poochyena in a rhythmic dance. "Magical Leaf."

The Kirlia copies spinned rapidly, thousands of tiny purple and pink leafs filling the air. They floated for a
second, hovering like an invisible storm before flying towards Poochyena like a swarm of bees. When the tussle was
over, Poochyena's unconscious body sat motionless on the ground.
The youngster cried out, grabbing the poor dog and running away. She sighed and moved on. She was challenged nine
times along the way to Rustboro, each trainer facing the same fate. She was apathetic for them. As they clutched
their lifeless Pokemon, running away towards the city, she felt no pity for them. That's nothing compared to what
she feels. It's nothing at all.

The city quickly develops around her, and before she knows it, she's in the heart of the iron and steel haven. She
hates it. The sky is smoggy and the streets are covered with pollution. Newspapers blow free in the wind and the
people drop their trash in the streets. Tall building act as spires, shooting out of the ground and disappearing
out of site. She finds her way to a Pokemon Centre and heals up.
"Hm, your Gothorita will be just fine." Nurse Joy says with a smile. "It was paralyzed, but the ailment lifted

when you came here."

"Yeah," Mia smiled. She grabbed Gothorita's PokeBall and hurried out. She found the Pokemon Gym in the
northeastern corner of town. It was a plain building, and she could have easily missed it. It sat next to a small
school, but it was vacant since the students were on winter break. She peered into the window and saw a woman,
filing papers on her desk. The woman beckoned her in and she reluctantly acquiesced.

"Hi, are you one of my students? Wait, no..." The woman said with a grin. She was tired and yawned alot. "How can
I help you, miss?"

"My name is Mia. I'm looking for the Rustboro Gym Leader."

"That's me. Roxanne at your service. Do you need a battle?"

"Yes, please." She bowed at the woman. She was beautiful. It made her feel self-conscious. As Roxanne left to go
to the gym, she followed but stopped at the window. She looked at herself in the reflection. Her long black hair
was ugly and deep. It absorbed all the light on her face, and made her look pale. Her eyes were small and angular
(her grandmother often called them 'sharp') but she wanted large eyes with love in them. As she looked at herself,
reflection changed into Roxanne's. She stood on the other side of the mirror, laughing kindly.
She hated her already.


"Alright, Mia. Let's get the ball rolling! Boldore, go!" Roxanne yelled, throwing a PokeBall out onto the field. An odd blue Pokemon appeared, standing on orange diamonds.

"Gothorita." The Pokemon walked from the sidelines, calmly. Her daintiness translated poorly into her battlestyle.

She was fierce and relentless in combat.

"Boldore, Stealth Rock."

"Gothorita, Taunt."

The ground shook suddenly, but it stopped with a quick wink of the eye of Gothorita. Boldore looked enraged.

"Hm, Boldore use Rock Blast." The Pokemon stomped and rocks erupted from under it at Gothorita. She dodged them
all gracefully. She flipped and an arc of electricity sparked from her feet, landing on Boldore and paralyzing it.

"Gothorita, Energy Ball." Gothorita summoned a ball of pure green energy in one hand. Boldore quivered, unable to
protect itself. The blast of energy lit the room with light and when the light faded, Boldore was knocked out."

"Boldore is unable to battle. Gothorita is the victor!"

"Great job, Boldore. Take a nice rest," Roxanne smiled. "I see your skilled at battling. Your Pokemon is both
graceful and deadly: an awesome combination. You raised her well."

"I suppose," Mia smirked sarcastically.

"Nosepass, let's do this!" Another blue rocky Pokemon appeared, this time with a bright red nose and stubby legs.

The Pokemon waited quietly, judging Gothorita's every move.

"Gothorita, Energy Ball." The Pokemon launched another orb, but Nosepass brushed it off. Gothorita prepared

another one, but she suddenly was paralyzed.

"What the..."

"My Nosepass judged it's opponent's every move and counters with efficiency. It'll be a lot harder to defeat than

Boldore." Roxanne tauned. Nosepass stared cautiously at Gothorita and for minutes, the two did nothing.

"Gothorita, Energy Ball."

"Nosepass, Discharge!"

"Double Team."


"Thunder Wave!"


The commands went on. Gothorita struggled to evade Nosepass's attacks. Her Double Teams were destroyed in the

Pokemon's Bulldoze, and it blocked her Thunder Wave with Protect. She was exhausted.

"Nosepass, she's tired. Finish this with Rock Blast!"

As Nosepass raised the rocks to throw, Mia had an idea. "Gothorita, Energy Ball through the rocks!"

Gothorita understood completely, trusting her master. The Pokemon summoned energy to her hand, and sent it forth

in a powerful blast. The orb blasted through the rocks, landing on Nosepass and sending it flying backwards.

"Another one!" Mia yelled. Gothorita sent another blast forward, erupting the room into light. When the light

faded, Nosepass was unable to battle.

"The victor is Mia!"

Roxanne smiled. "Congratulations. You deserve this." She handed her the Boulder Badge and collected her Pokemon.

She later handed Mia a couple hundred dollars and a TM.

"What's this?"

"Rock Tomb. You'll need it."

"Thanks!" Mia smiled. She walked out into the city, feeling accomplished. She was a few blocks away from the gym

when she noticed she had nothing else to do.

She turned back and found Roxanne sitting in the school, like before.

"Do you need something else?"

"Uh, I was kind of curious... what are you up to?"


"So how did you get into Pokemon?" Mia asked from across the table. The two were eating in one of Rustboro's various caf�s. The chef knew Roxanne personally, and supplied her food gratis.

"I don't know exactly," She laughed. She turned to the school, tucked away in between two large skyscrapers. "I've been a Pokemon trainer for atleast seven years. I started out as a student at the academy. I slowly rose through the ranks and became the best in my class. My teacher promoted me as Apprentice, and I was destined to be teacher and gym leader from there."

"So the teacher is always the gym leader?"

"That's right."

"Why Rock-types?"

"Excuse me?"

"Rock-types. They're so... ruggid."

"I mean, so am I. I may look dainty and girly, but I love a good hike or a good round of play fighting. I love mountains and caves. There's so much to explore. Rock-types are constantly adapting. Years of pressure have transformed Boldore into these beautiful creatures. Geodude have evolved to have arms and levitate. Rock-types are amazing!" Roxanne smiled. Their eyes met and for a second, there was awkward silence. "So how did you become a trainer? Clearly you've been one for a while, since your Pokemon are so strong."

"I've only had Kirlia and Gothorita for about a year and a half. Gothita was my starter Pokemon and I caught Ralts in the city. They both evolved last summer, I believe, during a swarm."

"A swarm?"

"Me and my mom live in the forest. We have a little farm at the edge near Petalburg. There was this really hot day and I was walking out back when I noticed a score of Sewaddle eating our crops. There were hundreds of them, feasting away. Gothorita and Kirlia fought them off, but they were too weak. The simultaneously evolved in order to protect the farm."

"That's a great story. Evolution is always exciting."

"Yes, I suppose so."

"So where are you off to now?" Roxanne asked. She fished out a map and laid it out on the table.

"This is where we are, in Rustboro. The next gym is all the way down here, in Dewford. There's a ferry you can catch. It comes every Thursday."

"I don't have any money."

"Oh," Roxanne retorted, apologizing. "Sorry, I didn't know. But you have the money I gave you!"

"I'm saving it for something. I can't spend it now."

"Saving it for what?"

"My mother's sick. She needs to be cared for. I'm saving up to send her to the hospital."

"Oh, I see. But can't she go to an ordinary hospital? I'm sure they have a --"

"She needs to go to a special hospital. There's one in Sinnoh. She needs to go there and only there." Mia snarled. She retracked her steps and apologized.

"It's quite alright. I understand. Why don't you stay at the Pokemon Academy for a while. The students start school again tomorrow. You can help me out for a few days and I'll pay for your trip to Dewford and then to Slateport."

"You will?" Mia smiled weakly. She had no clue how exhausted she was. "But where will I stay?"

"You can stay with me at the academy. It'll be like a sleepover!" Roxanne laughed. She got up from the table, colleted her things and walked towards the door. Mia followed, a bit of warmth developing in her heart. She finally had a friend.


She watched as the students filed in from the schoolyard. They each bustled and whispered, discussing their break. Some of the kids visited family as far away as Unova and Johto. Some were tanned from sunny beaches while others were pale for hours of catched-up sleep.One girl walked into school where an "I LOVE CASTELIA" T-Shirt in bright red letters.

"Please be seated, class. Let's begin the day by introducing my new assistant, Mia." The crowd of children looked at her, confusedly. One boy seemed to seethe with rage.

"Does this mean she's next in line to be gym leader?" One girl asked.

"Oh, no. She'll be working with you guys during Battle Tactics. She isn't in line to be gym leader, no." Roaxanne grinned. She shot Mia a warm smile and started the lesson.

Mia sat down in a seat in the front of the room. Her back was against the crowd, but she could feel people's eyes staring at the back of her head. It was going to be a long week.

As she sat there, she watched Roxanne illustrate Pokemon battling in terms of algebraic expressions. The complex math confused Mia, and she found herself resenting it for not making sense. Roxanne spoke of Effort Values, which also didn't make sense to her. She simply decided to wait until the bell rang. The students would file into the gymnasium and take turns trying to beat her in a match. Judging from each student, so poised and ready to learn, they weren't going to be a challenge.

The bell rang before she knew it, and the students walked towards the gym in the back of the school in an orderly fashion. The gym was like any Pokemon field; big with a PokeBall design in the center. Roxanne stood in the center, Mia at one end and a line of kids at the other. The kids were pushing and shoving to see who was going first.

"Children, there is no rush! Everyone will get a turn." Roxanne scoled. Finally, one boy emerged from the crowd. He had spiky golden hair, blue eyes and a scar over his eyes. The students in the class called him "Kenta."

"The match between Kenta and Mia shall begin. Challengers, draw your Pokemon!"

Kenta sent out a Growlithe. He looked confident. Mia ignored his confidence, sending out Gothorita. The two Pokemon watched each other before Kenta made the first move.

"Flame Wheel!" The dog barreled forward, fire spurting around its body. Gothorita dodged it effortlessly, launching a Thunder Wave from her hands in a graceful flip. Growlithe struggled to get back to its feet, and Gothorita ended everything with Psychic.

The crowd gasped. Apparently, Kenta was one of the strongest in the class. When the youngster collected his Pokemon and sat on the side, Mia waited while the others picked who would go next. This time, no one wanted to go. They were nervous and afraid of her power.

A pudgy kid stepped up to the plate. He wore glasses, had elfen ears and short black hair. His face was round and pasty. He had a Lickitung and Mia laughed at the boy's resemblence to his Pokemon.

The boy reacted, and his upper lip quivered as tears began to well in his eyes. Roxanne shot Mia a look of rage, and she stopped her laughing.

The boy told his Lickitung to use Lick. The Pokemon extended its tongue, trying to land a slobbery hold on Gothorita. She dodged it, sending an ark of electricity towards Lickitung. Like always, the Pokemon froze up, unable to move and Gothorita ended it all with Psychic.

Mia did this twelve times in a row. Her opponent attacked, Gothorita dodged, Thunder Wave, then Psychic. There was no challenge. Mia become bored, yawning. She stopped commanding Gothorita, and let the Pokemon do as she pleased.

The last student in class stepped up to the plate. The other students were talking and chatting. Some were eating their lunch. Everyone stopped when he stepped up. All the Pokemon looked at him with anticipation. It was Ty, the star pupil and future Rustboro Gym leader.

"You may have been able to defeat my classmates, but not me." He smirked. He work a blue cap which covered his rhubarb colored hair. He had a vibrant smile and bright green eyes.

The class loved Ty. He wasn't the most intelligent in the class, but he surely was the strongest battler. He had two Pokemon and everyone was jealous of him. His parents were rich and hired Roxanne as a private tutor to him when he was younger. He'd always had an upper hand because of his private teachings.

"Riolu, let's do this" The eccentric Pokemon emerged from it's PokeBall. It balanced itself on its paws with grace equal to Gothorita. It would be an interesting battle.

"Riolu, use Vacuum Wave." The little Pokemon dashed forwards, air gathering in its hands. It shot the air forwards, blasting through the field. Gothorita deflected it, gliding past the blast, an arc of electricity gathered in one hand. She turned, sending out a Thunder Wave.

"No no, not this again." Ty laughed. "Dodge it, then use Shadow Claw." The agile Riolu effortless ducked under the wave, its hands glowing black. Gothorita showed an instant of fear for a second as the Pokemon shot forward, it's hands clawing. With a graceful swoop, Gothortia dodged the barrage of claws, knocking Riolu to the ground. Gothorita knew it was at a disadvantage. The two were fighting closely, Riolu attack and Gothorita deflective and dodging. She could stand still to focus... she needed space.

"Gothorita, jump back, then Thunder Wave." She jumped back, launching a flip in the air, an arc of light slipping from her hands midair. The arc landed on Riolu and the agile creature cringed in pain.

"Now's your chance. Psychic!" Mia yelled. Gothorita focused for a second, but her focus was subdued by an unsuspected blast of energy. Riolu launched a Vacuum Wave right as she stopped paying attention. Gothorita charged up Psychic again, only to be struck with another Vacuum Wave. Everyone in the room watched as the two struggled to concentrate and move. Students sat at the edge of their chairs. Roxanne watched carefully, amazed and excited.

Finally, Riolu couldn't move. It was paralyzed completely. Gothorita, exhausted, mustered the strength to end it all with Psychic.

The crowd was in shock. They watched the two trainers, Riolu's body motionless on the field. Gothorita panted in exhaustion. Ty's face was red with rage. This was the first battle he'd ever lost. Years of tutoring... years of practice down the drain. He collected his Pokemon and sat on the bleachers in silence.

"Well, students... that's it for today. You're dismissed."


"I want a rematch." Said a voice. Mia was standing in a drugstore in the southern part of town. She looked over the painkillers, so many to choose from. She'd already smuggled a bottle into her pocket. Over the last few weeks, she's built up an addiction to painkillers and medications. Her mother called her a 'pillpopper', but she did it only to stop the pain that her mother's illness made. The sadness, the biting depression... it all went numb when she took pills. Even if she didn't have money, she found a way.

When she walked, her coat rattles as the pills bounce around in her pocket. She always keeps them close when she needs a fix.

"I want a rematch."

She turned to see the rhubarb-haired boy standing behind her. His eyes were intense with hatred and determination. "Why should I?"

"Because I know I can beat you."

"Not a chance, kid. Go home."

"I'm not leaving until we battle."

"Get lost." She walked out of the store, Ty following after her.

"Aren't you going to pay for that?" He asked, looking at the bottle in her jacket pocket. She covered it up with her sleeve. "That's stealing."

"Don't you have anything better to do?" She sighed. She walked fast, with wide steps. Ty struggled to keep up.

"Please, just one battle. No one has to know. We can make it quick."

"Listen, kid. I only battled you because I needed a place to stay and some money. I don't care about your education. I don't care about you as a person. For three hours a day, I put on a charade of eagerness and sunshine, battle you wimps, then leave. I have no interest in seeing you, let alone talking to you." Mia snarled. Ty looked at her with unwavering determination. He was fourteen years old, and Mia was sixteen. The two were about the same height, with Mia being a bit taller.

"I demand a battle. I'll pay you."

"Ha, you're pathetic." She laughed. She walked into a park, Ty chasing after her.

"Seven hundred bucks!"

"If you're willing to give me seven hundred bucks, how about I say we battled, and that you one SOMEHOW... how's that sport?" She deigned. Ty's face was unwavering. It did not change, no matter how much she jibbed.

"You know what? One battle. Right here." Mia offered. "This is the only one."

"Fine." Ty smiled. He withdrew a PokeBall. A red and silver Pokemon appeared, with blades for hands. Mia's condescending smile melted. It was a Pawniard, and both her Pokemon were weak to Dark-type moves.

"On second thought, let's not." She moaned. She turned away and started walking.

"You can't quit. You agreed."

"I lied."


"Go away, kid."


"Fine, let's do this." She sent out Kirlia. The pokemon idled for a second before moving forward. Pawniard is a Dark/Steel type, Mia told herself, that means Psychic and Magical Leaf are pretty much useless...

"Pawniard, Slash." The Pokemon ran forward, it's bladed hand outstretched and ready to strike. Kirlia dodged it, spinning around Paniward back. Pawniard tried another Slash, missing again.

"Is your strategy to just dodge every attack? Hit me head on instead of dodging... It's really annoying." Ty cried from the other side of the field.

"My strategy to exhaust the opponent. It's never failed me."

Ty watched as Pawniard quickly showed signs of fatigue. It's movements slowed and its sharpness decreased with every missed move. "Pawniard, slow it down with Scary Face."

Pawniard's expressiion changed, its eyes glowing red and its face melting into a crooked smile. Kirlia was disturbed by Pawniard's attack, and his gracefulness stopped there.

"Now, use Night Slash." With one swoop of the hand, Pawniard's hand sliced a swathe of darkness into Kirlia. He faltered, falling to the ground. Kirlia tried to get up, but was too weak.

"Congratulations. You've beat me." Mia said unenthusiastically. She turned her attention to Kirlia, picking him up and walking towards the Pokemon Centre.

"See, I told you I could win."

"That's good for you."

"Is she going to be alright?"

"HE is going to be fine."

"Oh, it's a boy... weird."

"Don't you have better things to do? You beat me... go shout it from the rooftops or something. Just leave me alone."

"I want to see if Kirlia's alright."

"He's fine. He's just unconscious. Your Pokemon is too weak to cause serious damage. Just go."

"Fine. See you at school tomorrow."

Everyday, she had to endure the same routine. The first two hours were a lecture on crap that no one cares about, according to Mia. The math flustered her, and Roxanne's logic confused her. Pokemon battling can't be put into numbers and expressions. It can only be experienced. Mia was convinced that looking at Pokemon from a math point-of-view is the reason everyone in the class sucked at battling. Mia never went to school. She never had the priviledge of sitting in a classroom with others of her age, learning something. She always watched the kids go by on their way to school, envying them. Now she's glad she never went.

Again, she had to face everyone in the class. Again, she beat everyone. The students weren't upset my the routine. They didn't even look distraught. They simply collected their Pokemon and waited on the side for others. Ty tried to pull the same trick with his Pawniard, but Gothorita was too quick. She dodged Scary Face by turning around, jumped backwards, sent out a Thunder Wave and ended the match with Energy Ball. It didn't even a minute.

Again, Ty asked for a rematch. This time, he lost. This happened for five days in a row. By Saturday, she couldn't take it anymore.

"I hate this." She said to Roxanne. The two were sitting in Roxanne's living room. The furniture was dusty and it was obvious that she didn't spend a lot of time there. There were books and ungraded tests lying on every surface. Geodude maids wandered around, tidying up as they floated in the air, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

"Hate what?"

"I hate this routine. I can't do it anymore. I'm sorry, but I'm leaving."

"That's too bad." Roxanne gasped. "You can stay the night. I'll give you your money and you can go."


"How will you get to Dewford?"

"I'll find a way... maybe I'll take a boat or something."

"Oh, no. You can't set out to Dewford on your own. It's almost a hundred miles away."

"I'll figure something out."

"You know, the students really like you." Roxanne smiled. "They've told me how strong you are, and how that inspires them."

"Really?" She laughed. "I'm not strong at all. They're just weak."

"They're not weak, just unexperienced. Their Pokemon like them are growing. They're in an awkward stage."

"Most of them are fourteen."

"They chose a life of education. Most kids set out at ten. But they've decided to be professors, doctors... They started handling Pokemon this year."

"Wow," Mia sighed. "Being a docotr... sounds uninteresting."

"I'm sure it has it's moments." Roxanne said. She turned to a passing Geodude, handed it a glass and the Pokemon floated off towards the kitchen.

"Are these your maids?"

"They're my Pokemon. They clean up in here, and in return, I let them play in the mountains once a week."

"Isn't that slavery?"

"No, I just get home so late that I can't clean up. I ask them to do this and they get a treat. It's like... an allowance."

The conversation ended there. Roxanne drifted off to do other things...grading tests and filing papers. Mia decided to head to bed early. Her room was cold and uninviting. The bed was stiff and uncomfortable. She stared at the stucco ceiling for an hour. Pain filled her chest and she started coughing. She took some painkillers. She started crying. She saw her mother's face in the ceiling, ailing in agony. She took more painkillers. She fell asleep.

Roxanne awoke the next day to see that Mia had already left. She'd taken the money Roxanne had laid out for her and left without saying goodbye.

By the time Roxanne was awake, Mia was already in Petalburg City. She stopped by her house to see how her mom was doing. She was disappointed with her condition, storming off. She'd been gone for a week, and her mother didn't seem to notice.

She looked over the sea, temptingly. She wondered if she could swim to Dewford Town. The ocean was empty and quiet, the waves silent on the shore. There were no islands nearby. The town couldn't even been seen from such a distance.

Mia sighed, wondering what to do. Some Wingull floated above, circling her in the sky. They cried softly, squawking at one another. She contemplated catching one and using it to surf to Dewford. She imagined trying to hold on to the little bird, losing her grip and falling to the bottom of the ocean. She wasn't even sure if Wingull could learn Surf.

She heard a cry from behind her. She rose to her feet. A Marill was walking around in the grass. It didn't seem to notice her, and was busy tending to its own affairs. She took out a PokeBall, and threw it. The ball knocked into Marill head and it disappeared inside. She went to collect her prize.

She introduced Marill to Gothorita and Kirlia. The two Pokemon looked at each other, then at Marill. The little blue Pokemon looked at its new companions with a friendly smile. It was a girl.

"Marill, I need you to help me get to Dewford." Mia said to the Pokemon. It smiled, hopping into the water. Mia followed it, wading thigh-deep in the warm water. She turned to Kirlia and Gothorita, who waited at the shore and returned them to their PokeBalls. She grabbed hold of Marill. Her body was slippery and hard to grasp. Hopefully, she would save Mia if she slipped.

Marill started swimming forward. Mia soon lost her footing and was floating, holding onto Marill for dear life. She flailed alot, freaking out as the water churned and pulled under Marill's kicking feet. Mia saw Marill's tail floating in the water and grabbed it. The Pokemon picked up speed. Before she knew it, the shore was thin beige line in the distance.

Hours passed. Mia started talking to Marill, who gasped in response. The little Pokemon was focused on swimming. Marill seemed to have a Calm nature. It responded to everything in a nice tone even when strained. It's ability was clearly Huge Power, since it could tug Mia along like it was nothing.

"You're a cool little Pokemon, you know that?"

"Marill-mar!" The Pokemon screeched in responce. The two laughed and continued to swim.

They reached Dewford at noon. The sun hung in the sky, beating down on the water. When they reached the golden shores of the island, Marill was thouroughly exhausted. It collapsed on the shore, Mia picked it up and walking to a Pokemon Centre. Her clothes were dripping wet and the locals looked at her weirdly. They whispered things to each other. Some laughed at her. She hated it already.

In the Pokemon Centre, Nurse Joy took Marill and restored it's health. Gothorita and Kirlia stood besides their trainer, watching everything closely. This was a new environment to them. They'd been to Rustboro before, but never to Dewford. The world was so much larger than they knew.

"Gothorita, I'm using you for this gym. It's a Fighting-type, so we have this in the bag."

Gothorita nodded. Kirlia looked at Mia with disdain.

"Kirlia, I'll use you too. Gothorita is just stronger..--" The Pokemon turned away. Even though Kirlia and Gothorita were friends, Kirlia had always been jealous of it. Kirlia was Mia's first Pokemon, but Gothorita was Mia's first female Pokemon. He felt that if he was a girl, Mia would love her more.

Mia sighed, taking Marill in her arms and walking into town. Her clothes were beginning to dry and people weren't looking at her as often as usual. Marill sat in her arms, watching people passby. Kirlia and Gothorita followed behind her. The town was small, the people limited. Each person wore beach shirts and shorts, sporting expensive sunglasses. The houses were made of stucco with clay tiled rooves. Everyone seemed to notice that Mia didn't belong, her wet tattered jeans sagging around her tiny legs. Or atleast, no one seemed to care.

She found the gym and went in. It was dark. She couldn't see her own hands. In the middle of the room was a man, standing in the light a sunroof let in. He had blue hair and wore an orange shirt and shorts. She'd recognized him from TV. He was Brawly, the gym leader.

"Hi," Mia yelled from across the room. Brawly's eyes were closed and he stood motionless in the middle of the field.

Brawly motioned his arms like waves, moving smoothly. His wrists bent and cracked, his eyes closed and focused. He didn't notice her, and if he did, he paid her no mind.

A Medicham shot an energy-covered fist at him from the shadows, he dodged it without looking. A Machamp slammed its arms down around him. Brawly flipped backwards and out of the way. He continued to evade his Pokemon effortlessly, not looking, but only sensing.

"Excuse me!" She yelled. His Pokemon stopped and opened his eyes. He looked at her and smiled.

"Sorry about that! Just training!" He had a deep island accent and bright blue eyes. Mia thought he was very handsome. "You're here for a battle, right?"

"Yeah. I didn't mean to interrupt but.."

"It's no problem at all. Kind of embarassing that I didn't notice you." Brawly grinned. "You must be Mia. Roxanne told me about you."

"She did? What'd she say?"

"She said that you're a great trainer and that it was a priviledge to fight you."

"Oh, well..."

"Ah, the battle." He looked at his Pokemon, hidden in the shadows of the darkened gym. "How's about a three on three."

"Uh... I only have two Pokemon."

Brawly examined her. "I see three Pokemon here."

"Oh, Marill's new! She's not ready to battle."

"Mar mar!" Marill protested. It jumped out of her arms and folded its arms. It wanted to battle and she couldn't say no.

"Well, I guess it's going to be a three on three."



The two stood across from each others, eyes glaring and ready. Gothorita stood on standby, Kirlia standing in the field. Her opponent was a Medicham. They were taunting each other telepathically. The Medicham was a boy, and this only sparked Kirlia's rivalry even more.

"The battle between Brawly and Challenger Mia shall begin!" Said the referee.

"Medicham, Psycho Cut!"

"Kirlia, dodge, then Thunder Wave!"

Medicham gathered telekinetic energy in his hands, forming it into a knife. She ran forward, attempting to slice Kirlia in half, but the Pokemon dodged, spinning around while an arc of electricity dispersed from his tutu. Medicham cringed, grabbing its innards. "Kirlia, Psychic."

Kirlia stepped back, placing its hands on its head. Medicham reached out to Kirlia, an orb of light appearing in his hands. The orb erupted outwards, flooding Kirlia in a wave of focused light.

Kirlia cringed, narrowly dodging the attack. He was tired and more sluggish, but still managed to outspeed the paralyzed Medicham. Medicham attacked, sending Focus Blast after Focus Blast in Kirlia's direction, the massive blasts each time narrowly evaded. Finally, Medicham collapsed from its injuries and Kirlia delivered the final blow.

"Medicham is unable to battle! Kirlia is the winner!"

Brawly grinned. "You're pretty good. Medicham went down easily, but your Kirlia is showing signs of fatigue. Time to finish this."

A hardy Sawk appeared from the darkness, tying its obi. Sawk grinned malevolently at Kirlia. He had seen Kirlia's every move, analyzing him from the side.

"Kirlia, Thunder Wave!" He dashed forward, his hands sparking electricity. He jumped, spinning in the air, electricity arcing around. Sawk had ducked under Kirlia, the waves of light passing harmless around it. It grabbed Kirlia out of the air, punching it into a nearby wall. Kirlia moaned upon impact, opening its eyes only to be smashed again by Sawk's ferocious fist. Kirlia attempted to escape the barrage, but fainted after a valiant effort.

"Kirlia is unable to battle! Sawk is the winner!"

Mia snarled. She sent Kirlia back to his PokeBall, and sent out Gothorita. The Pokemon stood, watching Sawk. It was aware of the savage beating it gave Kirlia and was ready to fight.

Sawk ran forwards, it's hands poised and ready for Close Combat. Gothorita was ready, and when the barrage began,she evaded each punch effortlessly. Sawk tried to strike Gothorita from the side, but she dodged, sweep kicking Sawk and knocking it to the ground. Gothorita sent an arc of electricty unto Sawk and it moaned in pain. She stood over it, watching it cringe in pain. She focused, using Psychic. The attack seemed effective and Sawk screamed in agony, clutching its head. Then, in an angry snarl, its body glowed black and it bumrushed Gothorita to the ground. Gothorita struggled to her feet, but Sawk slammed her down with another Payback. Gothorita fainted shortly after.

"Gothorita is unable to battle! Sawk is the winner!"

"Last Pokemon. Let's see that Marill." Brawly taunted. Mia looked at Marill who sat in her arms. She looked brave and excited. She wanted to battle. Mia nodded and the Pokemon jumped from her arms and onto the field.

"Sawk, end it quickly with Close Combat." Sawk started to run, but it was obvious that it was severly tired. It hung on only from its ability and Mia noticed this.

"Aqua Jet!"

As Sawk approached, its fists ready to strike, it was knocked backwards by Marill's water covered body. It laid on the field, motionless.

"Sawk is unable to battle! Marill is the winner!"

Brawly smiled. "This is a really good battle! Time to finish it! Makuhita!"

The obese little Pokemon appeared from the darkness, waddling onto the field. There was silence, and no one moved. Finally, Brawly started the match.

"Makuhita, Arm Thrust!"

The fat Pokemon was quicker than it looked, and its elbows flurried Marill, forcing it to dodge. The small Pokemon
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