Moveset Type Effectiveness Viewer V2

6/30/12 - Try out the new Javascript-based version of the Moveset Type Effectiveness Viewer here

Welcome to the Moveset Type Effectiveness Viewer. Here, you may enter the move types of your Pokemon for a party of up to six Pokemon. The page will give you data on the effectiveness of your movesets in type coverage.

The numbers given in this calculator are generated as a way to sum up coverage of certain types. They are by no means perfect representations but are intended to give a rough indicator. The typecharts of your Pokemon's moves returned gives a visual and official data should you wish to determine type coverage value by your own methods.

  • Green - Super Effective ( 200% damage )
  • Red - Not Very Effective ( 50% damage )
  • Black - Completely Ineffective ( 0% damage )
  • Move types are listed in the first column ( top-bottom )
  • Defender types are listed in the first row ( left-right )
  • Bright green numbers are good
  • Bright red numbers are bad
  • Use this tool at your own discretion
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