PokeDS Adoptables: The Daycare

There's a small meandering path in the middle of the woods leading to a large clearing where a hill of neatly trimmed grass supports a homely wood cabin topped by a roof of sweeping crimson red.

A slender man with glasses and a white lab coat clumsily topples out of the front door, nearly dropping the papers and books he's holding under his arm. You identify this man as Professor Elm, the famous Pokemon evolution researcher.

"Why hello there!" greets Professor Elm. "I wasn't expecting any visitors, but since you're here, how'd you like to help out with some of the latest research I've been doing lately on Pokemon breeding? I have these Pokemon eggs that need to be hatched. "

Click on any of the eggs below to adopt it.

Pokemon Egg
Pokemon Egg
Pokemon Egg
Professor Elm
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